Hello my name is Andrey Kostin and i believe photography is the art of storytelling without words. You don’t just take a photo with your eyes, you take it with your experiences, emotions, and heart.
When i was young about 10 years old i found an old film camera, i was so fascinated by it, i could not believe this small box can capture all those pictures that are displayed in our family album. It was not long that i started experimenting with it. Some times it did go well some times not. But the magic behind the picture always prevailed and i kept on going. Some time passed and i discovered my second passion that is food. And started experimenting in the kitchen with my grandma. She taught me a lot of stuff about food. After school i did not knew what i wanted to do, my parents wanted me to go learn in business school, i did that for a year. Same time i started cooking school, my love for food would win in the long run. I was lucky enough to work in the best restaurants of my country. The things i learned the thing i saw in the kitchen. It is an interesting environment with different personalities and egos. At first i was learning to cook and did not do any photography. But you can not survive the stress of the kitchen if you do not have a hobby it is then i came back to photography. Bought an entry level dslr and started taking pictures again. Time passed i was getting better, i developed some style that i like learning from great photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Karl Taylor Mark Walles and many others. There videos help me develop what i consider my style. Then a thought came to me if i like taking photos why not make it a calling of mine. And here i am the child that is amassed by the magic of photography, a man that can manipulate that magic with knowledge and skills and a youngster with the energy and adventures spirit to make the most daring ideas come to live on a picture.
I was a chef almost 10 years, but now i am into photography. Those are my most passionate thing photography and food. Being a chef i like good food and good food starts with eyes if the food looks great you want to eat it. So everything stars with eyes, food, knowing people and photography.
Being a chef help me understand people, their different personalities, food what they  are eating and their characters that i want to capture in my work. 
So together me and you we can make a great memory that you will not forget 
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